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Arriving At School

Mycelium Catering stands firm in its belief that parents have a right to demand a proper diet from institutions that are guardians of their children's path to successful adulthood. 

Led by a team of professionals, many of whom are parents themselves, at Mycelium Catering, we understand the expectations of taste factors and cultural differences that are part and parcel of food service. In ensuring our role as a trusted food provider, we also aim to be a major corridor between academia and food education. Hence, students and parents can be assured of adherence to genuine nutrition and wholesome nourishment emanating from the school cafeteria. 

Mycelium Catering is staunch in its philosophy that healthy eating goes far beyond childhood and adolescence. Good habits in food choice will see a future with less health issues instigated by poor food selection from one’s early age.


This is the cornerstone of Chef Emmanuel Stroobant’s professional principles.

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