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For over 125 years,  Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has pioneered the methods of Swiss hospitality education and set the standards of excellence in this field. Today, they combine the Swiss values of academic rigor and industry practice with creativity and innovation for modern hospitality management degrees that prepare graduates to lead the future of the industry and the world. 

EHL's new campus in Singapore delivers Swiss quality education with a Singaporean way of life: the perfect balance between comfort, calm and urban atmosphere.  The campus offers students a global business perspective and big-city life experience in a leading hub of innovation and sustainability culture.

Mycelium Catering

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Since December 2021, Mycelium Catering has been dedicated to serving nutritious and delectable meals for breakfast and lunch to the EHL community, comprising over 200 students, and faculty members — with choices of Asian, Western, and Vegetarian meals.


Our commitment to quality extends beyond daily sustenance; we also work together with EHL to fulfil their catering requirements for special functions and events held in the school. We play an integral role in supporting key initiatives and projects within the EHL community, such as the momentous occasion of EHL’s inauguration and the promotion of sustainability through initiatives like Meatless Wednesday.


By providing nourishing meals and supporting sustainability initiatives, we contribute to fostering a holistic sense of well-being.

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