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myDeli, a spinoff café brand extension of Mycelium Catering, specialises in providing customised solutions for schools and institutions. Our services include conceptualising the space, creating curated menu offerings, and much more to cater to the unique needs of each school or institution.

myDeli Café

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Recently launched in August 2023, myDeli represents the the café arm of Mycelium Catering, marking a significant expansion in its culinary offerings.

The pilot launch at Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) underscores Mycelium Catering's proficiency in executing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different educational institutions. 

The notable features of myDeli at HCIS are its innovative IT infrastructure, featuring a self-service kiosk, and a layout designed to optimise space utilisation, enhance operational efficiency, reduce wait times and enhance the overall dining experience for students, faculty members and parents alike.

myDeli's successful integration at HCIS serves as a compelling proof-of-concept for Mycelium Catering, demonstrating its scalability and adaptability to various schools and institutional settings.

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