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Mycelium Catering

Mycelium Catering is the institutional catering arm of Food Inc. A veteran food provider for over 30 years in the food and beverage industry, our vast experience spans across various genres, from fine-dining and casual eateries to catering and consultancy services. 

Mycelium Catering symbolises and encapsulates nature's worldwide web that forms the entire food ecosystem's ability to grow as it continually seeks organic new sources that will allow guided transformation of simple things into more complex molecules or compounds. This in turn transforms the way we manufacture, consume, and live within a sustainable eco-friendly food and beverage industry. 

We endeavour to Steer, Repair, Rebuild and Create our food journey through this understanding.

Our Mission

To raise institutional catering excellence through disruption.

Our Vision

Creation of favourite tasting foods through professional techniques, education and talent.

Our Philosophy

The bedrock of our cooking mantra - wholesome, nutritious and sustainable meals. 

Our Values


Productions from Mycelium Catering will always be prepared with principles and procedures worthy of its Michelin-starred culinary kitchen personnel. Excellent ingredients will never be compromised or exchanged.


Mycelium Catering assures that its offered cuisine will always showcase quality ingredients through appetising meals. 


Mycelium Catering's vested interest in food production is the role it will endeavour to impart to students the importance of healthy eating in their food education journey. The development of this undertaking is a steadfast resolution of the company.


Mycelium Catering is respectful of global resources and strives to operate its business with minimal wastage. A balanced perception of food consumption ensures a nutritionally balanced and caring future generation.

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